Your 3D avatar with HaloMoji keyboard!
The new way to send emojis with your 3D avatar.
Create your HaloMoji and send to anyone with any messenger app
Take a selfie
Design your 3D avatar
Send with any messenger app
Create fun emotions
Express yourself in new ways
Use the HaloMoji keyboard with any messenger app
After installing and creating your Halomoji, open the HaloMoji keyboard in any messenger and send HaloMojis just as you would send any other photo or video. Using a smartphone or tablet, you simply switch to the Halomoji keyboard, select the desired emotion, tap "Paste" - and the selected picture appears in the message.
Create an animated image without connecting to the network
Thanks to the offline mode there is no need for internet access or WIFI. You can easily access all your emojis anytime.
Works with any Android or iOS device
Free Download
Express emotions that you could not express yourself early